A message by the founder of Energy Globe Foundation

Dear Sir/Madam,

While 20% of the world’s population consume 80% of the energy, UN estimates show that up to 1.6 billion people on this planet do not even have access to light - which should be a basic human right for everyone.

The situation in Africa is especially dire, and while refugee tragedies such as Lampedusa touch us all, such events should not come as a surprise as these people lack even basic human standards and do not see a basis for a livelihood in their home country.

The not-for-profit Energy Globe Foundation has made it its purpose to change the lives of many of these people to the better by providing a solar light system with additionally the possibility to charge a mobile phone as communication becomes increasingly important. Results from equipped villages have been overwhelmingly positive, with increased productivity, safety for women and children at night, longer learning hours for children and positive effects on health and environment due to reduced fossil fuel and wood consumption.
Please make sure to view our short video of one of the installations. (see below)

We invite you to become a part of this initiative and guarantee that your contribution will go directly into the implementation of this initiative in the interest of those in need.

Yours sincerely,

Ing. Wolfgang Neumann (President)
Energy Globe Foundation GmbH

Neukirchen/Austria, October 25th, 2013

"We need appropriate alternative energy sources and technologies to ensure sustainable energy supply for millions of people who are not on national grids."

Prof. Edward S. Ayensu
Former Chairman CSIR Ghana, Chairman African Institue for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana
Energy Globe, President