One out of four persons globally does neither have light nor electricity
and cannot afford to pay for energy!

There is an easy solution to bring help to these

Modern solar energy systems make it possible
to provide a liveable future as well as economic
development and security to these poorest of
the poor in Africa.

Why act now?

1. Bring security for women and children
2. Enable a better education for the children
3. Create new jobs and new earning possibilities for adults
4. Reduce CO2 from fossile fuels and mitigate climate change
5. Help to create a liveable future for those in need

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"We need appropriate alternative energy sources and technologies to ensure
sustainable energy supply for millions of people who are not on national grids."

Prof. Edward S. Ayensu
Former Chairman CSIR Ghana, Chairman African Institue for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana
Energy Globe, President


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